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Italy: What will be the consumer price index in September 2016?

Price Levels
Tags: Italy, CPI


Price (%)

< 100.00 index points


100.00 – 100.99 index points


101.00 – 101.99 index points


102.00 – 102.99 index points


103.00 – 103.99 index points


> 103.99 index points



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Background Information

In April 2016, the consumer price index was reported at 99.5 index points by the Italian National Institute of Statistics. 

For further information, visit: Istat: Consumers Prices - Press Release or check the Istat: Consumers Prices - Historical Data for further information. Note that the consumer price index is measured by the consumer price index for the whole nation (NIC).
Judging Criteria:
The purpose of this question is to forecast the probability distribution for the consumer price index in ITALY in September 2016 of the abovementioned intervals. You can buy or sell shares of the each answer according to your expectations until 2016-09-30 23:59:59 UTC.  The final answer to the question will be given according to the reporting data of the Italian National Institute of Statistics which are expected to be announced on 19th October 2016.

If the consumer price index is reported within one of the boundaries of an answer, all shares of this answer will be worth 100 points and all shares of the others answers will be worth 0 points.

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